About me

Hi, I’m Amy, mum to Gilbert, wife to Tom, and (now part-time) Stone Conservator. We live in West Yorkshire with our two dogs.

I started this blog to try and ease my eco-anxiety over our choice to have children. I realise that sounds quite doom and gloom to some people, but it was (and is) a real fear of ours, and hearing the term ‘eco-anxiety’ recently, makes me realise we are not alone!

Tom and I went back and forth for a couple of years before having Gilbert, we knew we wanted children, but we weren’t sure whether to as we felt so out of control over what world we would be bringing a child into.
In the end our decision came down to wanting to be optimistic about the future, to bring up eco-conscious children, and to actively talk about and promote the changes needed to make this world a safe and better place for future generations.

But that anxiety rears its head quite frequently, so I started posting more on my Instagram (@raising.gilbert) to try and promote sustainable living ideas such as using cloth nappies, buying second hand, and cutting out single use plastic. And through that I realised I had more to talk about than those little squares allowed for, so I started this blog.

Please follow along for posts all about cloth nappies, buying second hand, zero waste and refill ideas. And please join in and share your own thoughts, tips and eco ideas.


Amy x