Newborn nappies Second Time Around

Part of the excitement of expecting a baby is getting everything ready for their arrival. Now personally I don’t think you need all that much, especially second time round, however, I am pretty excited at the prospect of getting a better newborn stash sorted out for baby number 2.

We were so lucky to have been given a full time stash of preloved Birth-to-Potty (BTP) TotsBots Bamboozles when I was pregnant with Gilbert, along with all of the other bits and bobs needed to cloth full time. The TotsBots Bamboozles offer a fantastic 2 part system, especially as night time nappies, but as great as they are, they aren’t the best full time solution for a 6lb baby. The older style ones we had, in our experience, fit well from around 12lbs, although with the newer style Bamboozle STRETCH they should fit from more like 9lb. One of the real plus points to these nappies is their high absorbency, but this also means they do take a long time to dry, and during that newborn phase you go through A LOT of nappies, so some quicker drying nappies are a very useful addition to your stash.

With Gilbert, although we persevered with the Bamboozles, we did also add some muslins in to the nappy rotation. We invested in a pack of nappy nippas and used the muslins like a traditional terry nappy, fastened with the nippa. The wraps we already had then went over the top as the waterproof layer.

Gilbert in a muslin flat nappy yesterday (obviously not newborn, but we still use these on occasion at home, boosted with a bamboo booster)

So what’s our plan when it comes to newborn nappies this time around?

From top to bottom – Baba + Boo Pocket nappy, Buttons One Size Cover, Peachi Baby Pocket nappy, folded muslin with nappy nippa, Seedling Baby Diversifold and nappy nippa, Seedling Baby Comodo Mini Wrap

Although I love the thought of a full set of brand new beautiful newborn nappies, I am definitely one for reusing and being as thrifty about my purchases as possible. So we will again be using some muslins, boosted with our Bamboozle bamboo boosters (well that was a mouthful) if needed. I am investing in some more newborn wraps this time, alongside using our existing ones, as at ten years old and having been through 3 children, some of them are in need of replacing.

We also have enough BTP nappies in our current stash to be able to use a couple of the smaller fitting ones on baby number 2. Things like the very slim fitting Peachi Baby pocket nappy and our Buttons One Size Cover, which also has a smaller fit. If you are a first time parent these may still be a good option as they will fit from birth, and are likely to last a long time as baby changes size and shape.

One of our favourite BTP nappies is the Seedling Baby Multi-Fit Pocket Nappy, which comes with a “Diversified” prefold as the absorbency part of the nappy. This prefold can be folded and stuffed into a pocket nappy, or fastened with a nappy nippa on smaller babies, making it a perfect nappy to transition from newborn to BTP. With this in mind I plan to buy a few more of the Diversifolds (which you can by on their own as well as a part of the Multi-Fit nappy) to use with the newborn wraps, as I know I will get use out of them once baby moves to BTP nappies. Waterproof wraps and pocket nappies tend to dry very quickly compared to the absorbent part of a nappy, so it’s always handy to have extra inserts/prefolds to use whilst the others are drying.

Seedling Diversifold and Comodo Mini Wrap

We have bought a few newborn pocket nappies from the new Baba and Boo collection too and will maybe buy one or two more All-In-One or Pocket nappies. Honestly this is just pure indulgence on my part and we could very happily manage on the mix of muslins, prefolds and boosters with newborn wraps. But I tend not to feel bad about treating myself, especially when I know I have a very well thought out newborn stash on the whole.

If you would like any more information on getting started with cloth for a newborn baby, feel free to get in touch. Alternatively you can get a Personalised Nappy Recommendation from The Nappy Gurus, just mention my name to receive a response from me personally.

Please note that all links to The Nappy Gurus website include my affiliate link, which will get you 10% off purchases (some restrictions do apply), alternatively use the code ‘RAISINGGILBERT’ at the checkout. All views are my own, and I am not obliged to only recommend brands sold by The Nappy Gurus.

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