Peachi Baby review

Nappy Type

The Peachi Baby is a pocket nappy with a clip in element to it. In a pocket nappy there is an outer waterproof wrap, with an inner thin layer, in this case in fleece. They have a hole in one end of the nappy which acts as a built in pocket, in which you add inserts and boosters as the absorbent layer. The difference with this nappy is there is also the option of snapping in a booster with poppers, rather than adding it to the pocket.

Here you can see the ‘anchor’ insert is folded over and placed on top of the nappy to show where it would sit inside the pocket.
The booster can then be clipped in on top.

Nappy Fit

Peachi Baby nappies are a little different to lots of other reusable nappies. At first glance the nappy seems very small, but these nappies are meant to be a smaller, more slimline fit. The Peachi Baby website offers fit guides and FAQs to help you fit the nappy.

We used both the anchor insert and the booster and found this gave the best fit and best level of absorbency. As described above, we put the anchor insert inside the pocket and snapped in the booster on top of the pocket.

With this nappy the fit should be like underwear, so the nappy will sit a lot lower than most other nappies both at the back and the front. Try to line up the back of the nappy with the top of baby’s bottom, rather than the top of their hips.
You can adjust the rise with the poppers at the front, and even though this is a smaller nappy, you should be using the same rise as with your other nappies.
Make sure the nappy is tucked into the knicker line and is nice and smooth at the front.

What’s it like?


  • These nappies have the most beautiful hand drawn prints, they really are something special.
  • The quality of the nappy is really lovely, they are on the higher end price point wise, at £20.00, but when you see the quality of them you can understand why.
  • The slimline design and anchor insert is really different, but works very well. You would not think that these nappies could contain as well, but I found them to be just as good, if not better, as some of our other nappies.


  • I found that this nappy was a little fiddly to get the fit right at first, but I have to say that this is probably because I was just not used to this fit in a nappy. Now, after 5-6 wears, it’s just as easy as any of our other nappies.

Caring for your Peachi Baby

The Peachi Baby is really easy to care for, once used simply pull out the anchor insert and pop out the booster. Then it can be washed as a part of your normal nappy wash routine. You can also check the Peachi Baby website for their specific laundry instructions.

Please note that I would never advise tumble drying any waterproof wrap, including ones where this is built in to the nappy (like All-in-Ones) as this can damage the waterproofing. The inserts can be tumble dried if desired, but I find line drying is best.

I must add that this nappy was gifted to me by Rosie at Peachi Baby, with no obligation to promote it. I like to give a run down and review of all of the nappies that I have tried, and that is why you will find this review here. All thoughts and comments are my own.

Have you tried Peachi Baby nappies? If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch.



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