Bambino Mio Miosolo review

Nappy Type

The Bambino Mio Miosolo is an All-in-One (AIO) nappy. In an AIO nappy, the absorbent part of the nappy is built into the wrap. These nappies are generally really easy to use, and therefore are often a good choice for nursery, or when someone else is looking after baby.

Nappy Fit

Make sure the fold out tab is folded inside before you fit the nappy (see photo above).
The back of the nappy should sit at the top of baby’s hips/pelvis and shouldn’t cover the bellybutton at the front. You can adjust the rise with the poppers at the front.
Make sure the nappy is tucked into the knicker line and is nice and smooth at the front.

What’s it like?


  • Really easy to use – quick and easy changes, no clipping together for standard use.
  • Reasonably priced, especially when picked up at an Aldi Specialbuy event.
  • Pull out tab system is really easy to use, with easy removal of the core and a tab which makes folding it back in really easy. The tab is also great for tucking in a booster (see photo below).


  • We don’t tend to use these as a night time nappy as we have had leaks, however, do not let this stop you giving it a go, as I do know people do use them successfully at night time.
  • I find them a little bulkier than some of the other AIO’s, and they do tend to fit long babies better from my experience.

In the first few months when Gilbert was tiny, we weren’t initially a fan of these nappies, they were bulky and long and we were getting leaks no matter how we fitted them. I think in hindsight they were too big and being all bunched up was causing compression leaks.

From around 6-7 months though they have become a part of our regular rotation of day nappies. I have tried this nappy at night a couple of times and it has leaked slightly on the waist band, but I may try to boost it differently and give it another go, as I have lots of friends who use it successfully over night.

Caring for your Miosolo

The Miosolo is really easy to care for, once used simply fold the ‘laundry tabs’ so that the velcro doesn’t catch in the wash, and pull out the fold out core using the handy pull out strap. Then it can be washed as a part of your normal nappy wash routine.

Please note that because this nappy is an AIO the waterproof wrap is built in and therefore the nappy should not be tumble dried as it can damage the waterproofing.

What do you think about the Miosolo? Let me know in the comments.


Amy  🙂

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