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  • Newborn nappies Second Time Around

    18th Jul 2020 by

    Part of the excitement of expecting a baby is getting everything ready for their arrival. Now personally I don’t think you need all that much, especially second time round, however, I am pretty excited at the prospect of getting a better newborn stash sorted out for baby number 2. We were so lucky to have… Read more

  • Peachi Baby review

    11th Feb 2020 by

    Nappy Type The Peachi Baby is a pocket nappy with a clip in element to it. In a pocket nappy there is an outer waterproof wrap, with an inner thin layer, in this case in fleece. They have a hole in one end of the nappy which acts as a built in pocket, in which you add… Read more

  • Greengrocer vs Supermarket

    10th Feb 2020 by

    We are really lucky that the local towns and villages around us offer a wealth of local produce, sustainable products and zero waste goods. But when it comes to food especially, I think people assume it will be more expensive and perhaps inconvenient to buy their fruit and veg from a greengrocer. I am a… Read more

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