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  • Peachi Baby review

    11th Feb 2020 by

    Nappy Type The Peachi Baby is a pocket nappy with a clip in element to it. In a pocket nappy there is an outer waterproof wrap, with an inner thin layer, in this case in fleece. They have a hole in one end of the nappy which acts as a built in pocket, in which you add… Read more

  • Greengrocer vs Supermarket

    10th Feb 2020 by

    We are really lucky that the local towns and villages around us offer a wealth of local produce, sustainable products and zero waste goods. But when it comes to food especially, I think people assume it will be more expensive and perhaps inconvenient to buy their fruit and veg from a greengrocer. I am a… Read more

  • 10 tips for a more Sustainable Christmas

    25th Nov 2019 by

    Make Christmas about traditions not just presents Christmas for me is all about traditions. Every Christmas morning we would wake up to find our stockings stuffed full of gifts, hanging from the door. We’d all gather on mum and dad’s bed, them with a cup of tea and us taking it in turns to delve… Read more

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